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Why is my cat losing hair

why is my cat losing hair: When we think of animals that never difficult diseases they can. We know they need to have frequent visits to the vet to make sure they have ringworm or chips – but never think about how they can develop cancer or other problems.

A disease that your cat may suffer from alopecia – or hair loss why is my cat losing hair. The process can take a month or two to find that all or part of your cat’s body has lost a lot of hair that does not look back. This behavior can be induced by several different things why is my cat losing hair.

The greatest potential to cause hair loss is an infection that passes through their bodies why is my cat losing hair. They may have a bacterial or fungal a different cat or other things. Usually the vet will consider ringworm as a kitten or an older cat that has the disease. You may also have follicular – which is a rare bacterial infection that hurt the cat hair follicles why is my cat losing hair.

Older cats usually start during the groom. When they do, pull the hair in large groups why is my cat losing hair. This condition is known as psychogenic alopecia. Regions most popular grooming affected are the back and legs. One of the main reasons why is because of stress . Is manageable stress that comes their owners neglect or abuse them why is my cat losing hair.

The jack body has the ability to develop hormones sometimes too little or too thin causing hair cat. If you have problems with your thyroid that can cause their ability to repair and re-grow hair almost impossible . Cat hair loss can also be attributed to malfunction of the adrenal glands and development of large amounts of cortical hormone why is my cat losing hair.

This stress can be caused by many different things. Could be as simple as a diet change . As cats are creatures of habit , a change in food can cause a reaction to stress. Most likely your cat refuses to eat the new food as it feels different why is my cat losing hair. I made this mistake with my cats , but only once . If you intend to change your diet, do it gradually by mixing the two foods together and gradually increase the new food. Finicky know, but cats are like that.

In severe cases, your cat may refuse to eat anything why is my cat losing hair. I know of a case where this happened and the cat would not even eat the old food he loved. This particular cat has refused cooked chicken , cooked and raw fish , cat treats ,everything! Its owners have become very worried why is my cat losing hair. The poor cat routine was changed and could not understand why. The owners have finally realized that your cat thought he had done something wrong. The cat began to lose her hair. He began to pace , meowing loudly, constantly preparing and want attention. The toilet was constantly create hair loss .

This has caused stress for both cats and owners . It became a vicious circle with more tension on both sides leading to more hair loss leading to more stress why is my cat losing hair.

Being responsible pet owners who took his cat to the vet who ruled out any physical problems . However, he suggested that they start to treat your cat as a new kitten why is my cat losing hair. He recommended a special diet for your cat interested in eating with the owners actually sitting on the floor and talk to your cat to encourage eating. This may sound crazy , but it worked. I’m sure most of us have experienced being completely pampered and cared for when we are not well why is my cat losing hair.

They began to play with your cat every day why is my cat losing hair. They spent time in hours grooming him . They gave as much attention as they can without going too far with it. They started to fondle when passed and spoke to him when he came to rub against them.

It took a couple of weeks , but this treatment has worked . The cat began to eat his food again and her hair began to grow again why is my cat losing hair. The owners have become less stressed and ran for his cat.

Stress should not change your cat ‘s food . It could be due to a change in your home – someone who starts a new job and will not be , someone losing a job and being around why is my cat losing hair. It could be the arrival of a new baby or a new pet. Even grandma to come and stay might cause a stressful situation for your cat. Painting and moving furniture can have the same effect why is my cat losing hair.

I’m not saying that every cat reacts this way to one of the above situations. But if you point your sudden loss of hair from your cat , having rejected a medical problem facing a stressful situation. And always, if cat hair loss is observed when you can not find the stress or any other reason, talk to your veterinarian why is my cat losing hair.