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Whey Protein Powder Recipes

whey protein powder recipes: If your goal is a lean , muscular body , protein supplements will definitely help . The more you exercise the more protein your body requires dietary to rebuild muscle tissue . Many successful bodybuilders rely on whey protein for a convenient source of amino acids Easily digested .

Although Consumed Most Often in the form of shakes , whey powder is highly versatile. Since it’s available in several pre – sweetened flavors , it works well in low carbohydrate Especially desserts . Here are a few of the best whey protein powder recipes you can whip up in minutes .

Peanut Butter Bites

Mix together four scoops of vanilla whey protein , one cup of granulated sugar- substitute and one cup of unsweetened peanut butter whey protein powder recipes. Roll the mixture into handfuls of balls. If you like , coat the balls in chopped nuts or cocoa powder . Refrigerate until firm .

Creamy Mousse

Whip one cup of cream and half a cup of plain yogurt whey protein powder recipes. Add two tablespoons granulated low-calorie sweetener and two scoops whey protein . For a sophisticated mocha flavor , use chocolate protein powder and add a teaspoon of instant coffee . For a tropical dessert , use banana powder and stir in pineapple pieces whey protein powder recipes.

Power Bars

Combine a cup and a half of your favorite flavor whey protein with half a cup of almond meal and a cup of powdered milk whey protein powder recipes. Add two tablespoons of peanut butter and a tablespoon of water . Mix with your hands to create a stiff dough , adding more water as Necessary . Press the mixture into a greased rectangular baking pan . Chill until set and slice into bars whey protein powder recipes.

Instant Chocolate Brownie

Crack an egg into small glass bowl whey protein powder recipes. Beat in a scoop and a half of chocolate protein powder and a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter . Microwave for one to two minutes until the surface Takes on a cake -like appearance whey protein powder recipes. The inside Should still be slightly gooey . Eat it warm or cold right from the bowl

Banana Flapjacks

a quarter cup of ricotta cheese and three eggs . Pour a third of the batter at a time into a buttered frying pan . Cook the pancakes over medium heat and flip When September on the bottom whey protein powder recipes.

Easy Fudge

Transfer to a food processor . Add a cup of chocolate protein powder , a cup of powdered milk and two cups of granulated sweetener . Pour in three tablespoons of cream and two tablespoons of water . Blend until ingredients are thoroughly mixed . Press the mixture into a buttered glass baking dish . Refrigerate for two hours then cut into squares whey protein powder recipes.