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What Breed is My Cat

what breed is my cat: Superstition aside, you’ve decided you want a black cat. Here is information and a list of the various black cat breeds for you to pick from. Decide what features and personality attributes you want in your cat.

The Bombay cat is the only breed of cat that is all black what breed is my cat. There are no other recognized deviations; the coat must be black to the roots for the cat to be a true Bombay. Although these cats are aloof and independent in nature, they are friendly towards all family members and like to play . They crave affection and attention but only on their terms.

They have a rounded face with pointed ears, and they are very muscular and heavy set in the body what breed is my cat. Their eyes are generally orange, but the British breed has golden or green eyes.

This breed was created by Nikki Horner in the 1950s. She wanted to create a small panther-like cat, and after a few attempts, she created what is now recognized as the Bombay cat with its rich eye color. They were named after Bombay, India, which is considered the land of the black leopard what breed is my cat.

Persians have a regal air about them what breed is my cat. Their nature is a lot more placid than other cat breeds. The inbreeding and attempts to meet competition requirements means that the Persian cat is very docile. However, there are Persian cats that are more lively, particularly the Chinchilla cat. They don’t have the flat face that most other Persians do what breed is my cat. Grooming is a daily must with a Persian cat as their coat will turn knotty very quickly.

Generally, they have a bigger jaw, with some Persians having an overshot jaw from inbreeding. They often have eye discharge, and they may have breathing difficulties because of the shape of their face. Their coats are extremely furry, and their tails are bushy what breed is my cat.

Persians have been shown in competitions since 1871 when they appeared at London’s Crystal Palace what breed is my cat.