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Why Am I Losing So Much Hair

why am i losing so much hair: Yes ! You must be doubly scared if you are at the stage of asking ” why am I losing hair ” I wish they would have reacted quickly when my hairline receded slowly , but surely, I would not keep falling ! If this is your case , it’s time to focus drastically to do something about it !

If you act now why am i losing so much hair, you have a great opportunity to keep what you have more time and probably the rest of your life! If you are already going bald or have significant hair thinning can always stop them and even start to experience new growth.

Personally , I wish I had not waited so long myself! Fortunately why am i losing so much hair, I have seen great results from regrowing lost hair. But if he had acted more quickly than could limit kept receding hairline and a fuller look .

When you need real solutions why am i losing so much hair, most websites will give routine response to the loss of hair is genetically programmed and there is nothing you can do about it!

But this is not entirely true !

Yes , genetics plays a role why am i losing so much hair, but much of what we call genetic hair loss is usually something else! If nothing else, the cause may help limit further disappointment !

As normal hair should grow?

How is developing normally is a good starting point to understand the causes and solutions for the best treatment why am i losing so much hair.

Each chain consists of the protein complex , but it is completely lifeless as you can see in your head. Each chain starts as follicle bulb at the root formed why am i losing so much hair.

The bulb under the skin is an anchor point for each chapter and receives nutrition from the blood like any other part of the body that need blood why am i losing so much hair. The son is not alive for once damaged, it is difficult to give a normal appearance . Abuse as extreme heat of a curling iron can damage and burn the wick , causing the premature fall why am i losing so much hair.

At first tree bulb called the dermal papilla cells are preprogrammed instructions to produce another strand of hair in this tree needs to be replaced why am i losing so much hair.

Also in relation to the surface of the skin of the root is also called a sebaceous gland gland ( oil ) . This lubricates the root gland and skin oil (sebum ) , keeping the hair and skin from drying out why am i losing so much hair.

Why am I losing hair ? – The three stages of hair loss!

There are three phases that impact upon the parts replacement when the old fall . The three phases are called Antagen , catagen and telogen why am i losing so much hair.

In these phases , hair grows in three different changes. During the first phase ( Antagen ) is the growth stage . The time is growing is determined by some factors include those default .

In the catagen phase , which starts throwing . It is a normal phase hairs grow and are replaced .

During the final phase , the sheath (covering the skin below the surface ) takes a break and prepare for the new follicle to start the first phase again. That new bulbs that are formed to produce regrowth and replacement of natural hair why am i losing so much hair.

Problems common hair loss why am i losing so much hair

According to experts in the capillaries, the most common problems that lead to hair loss begins when the growth cycle of an individual begins to change why am i losing so much hair.

I began to experience losing slowly , then it has continued to grow faster. What happens to men and women. However, women experience thinning hair in general on their heads and patches , while the model of balding men experience why am i losing so much hair.

Some contributors to hair loss are lack of blood circulation in the scalp, poor preparation , chemicals in products , stress and lack of nutrition.

Other causes of autoimmune diseases, such as alopecia , fungal infections , bacterial infections , skin cancer , thyroid cancer and disorders of the endocrine glands and iron deficiency anemia ,

Start losing hair due to autoimmune disorders

Convert that androgenetic alopecia (hair loss due to genetics ) , a large percentage of the problems resulting from autoimmune diseases occur when the body’s immune system turning on itself why am i losing so much hair.

The most common is alopecia areata . What happens to the follicle root when white blood cells affect the area of the bulb causing premature fall start.

This type of loss as a result of the experience of small bald patches on the scalp, but eventually can return the hair and the process begins again why am i losing so much hair.

Hair loss and thinning , and infections caused by bacteria

Hair loss can be caused by fungal infections of the scalp such as ringworm , tinea and kerion . Dilution may also be caused by bacterial infections such as folliculitis why am i losing so much hair.

The role of nutrition in hair loss

Much of this is attributed to genetics is often just nutritional deficiencies. This was my cause of premature hair loss. Apparently it was genetic because both my grandfather and my father were prematurely bald . As long as I can remember , my grandfather wore a wig and my father was almost bald before age 48.

I was in my forties when I started to lose quickly. Fortunately , I did not accept the common response that genetics was the problem why am i losing so much hair.