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How to flat iron hair

how to flat iron hair: be the first question that should come to mind before even buying the unit itself . Without learning the perfect way for styling hair , you can not get the most out of style. If you have a little creativity, you can easily twist and tame unruly hair using a flat iron to create several amazing hairstyles admired his favorite TV star how to flat iron hair. The straight and smooth hair is now the easiest way to acquire with the help of professional irons . With a few minutes of effort , simply change your appearance just to wear her hair in any hair style you need to match your wardrobe or a special occasion how to flat iron hair. And if used long irons and has not yet received the expected result, then it is time to learn the proper process to ensure that you acquire beautiful hair you’ve always wanted .

Choose the perfect style tool adapted to the length and thickness of your hair is the hardest part of the style how to flat iron hair. Once you have spent on this process, you should learn the process that the right of appeal. Since misuse can risk the life of your hair, never experiencing hot tool on your hair or the other , unless you are comfortable with it how to flat iron hair. You can also get help from a professional hairdresser first and then slowly , after a little practice, you can start with yourself . You need some time to wash and condition your hair how to flat iron hair. Wash hair with shampoo for deep cleaning and conditioning your hair is a process that should never be avoided. Also, never forget to apply a good cream heat all the protection of your hair so your hair will be protected from the heat of the iron how to flat iron hair.

Try these techniques to get professional results for flat ironing your own hair

A. Start with a good haircut

If your hair is damaged by split ends, just looks good when straightened. If you are careful, you can certainly make a light suit yourself how to flat iron hair, but straightened hair style only looks good with a nice even cut.

Two . Make sure your hair is clean and conditioned how to flat iron hair

If your hair straightener and products has dirt in it , you’re basically frying dirt and hair products how to flat iron hair. It’s a little damaging to the hair and the clarity and brightness that you would with your own hair is lost .

If your hair is well conditioned which means it is moisturized and strengthened. Products added , while shaping your hair is not enough how to flat iron hair. You have to start with good conditioning to your hair can take more heat without being damaged. With the same logic to get the haircut, the application of heat to dry and brittle hair only adds to the damage how to flat iron hair.

Three . Use a smoothing serum

Use a smoothing balm or serum to moisture resistant coating around the hair immediately after completing wash and condition dry before and . This is especially important if you live in an area with high humidity. Some favorites : how to flat iron hair

April . Make sure your hair is completely dry

Some say plates flat iron wet or damp hair can be how to flat iron hair, but for the best and most lasting results , it is best to start with the hair to dry completely how to flat iron hair. If your hair is completely dry , moisture is still within its right after creep ironing hair and cause frizz her hair .

This does not necessarily mean you need to dry your hair . You can always let your hair air dry , sit under a hair dryer or damp paper . Also keep in mind that if your hair tends to retain a lot of moisture , you may not be completely dry then blow dry . If brushing , allow your hair to air dry or sit in the dryer for a while before you start ironing how to flat iron hair.

Another thing to note is that when you blow dry or flat iron your hair , the water inside your hair grows and if it grows too fast expansion can cause damage to the hair shaft how to flat iron hair. Think of a pipe burst under too much pressure at a pressure point . So to avoid such effects of burning, you do not want to heat the hair too fast. Use the setting of the lower temperature works how to flat iron hair.

May . Use heat shield

Use the heat shield after your hair is dry, you iron each section. It also helps if you spray the heat shield in hand, and then smooth section with hands how to flat iron hair.

6. Take your time

Try not to take it when you rush how to flat iron hair. You should take your time and use slow , controlled movement . Take small sections (about ¾ “wide and very good) and run the plates from root to tip 2 or 3 times how to flat iron hair. Do not allow the iron in one place in the hair , but start at the root and gently slide dishes in the hair at the tip. Cling to the tip of your hair until the flat iron plates pass overhead.

7. Lie on your hair first, then use the iron

Pull the hair strand so that it shoots straight , and then run the iron over the section. Again, keep the tip of your hair until the iron passes over how to flat iron hair. Do not try to run the iron over without pulling a nice first section and not just pass the iron over the hair you do not need to teach how to flat iron hair.