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Honey Bun Cake

honey bun cake: It began when I was more youthful

Anything sweet, treats, cakes, I had the yearning

Furthermore no big surprise, it was a habit I was under

It might hit me like lightning and thunder

Till this day I don’t know how I didn’t blast in two 

Consuming work I was debilitated, at this point I ought to be six feet under

An alternate day an alternate chance, and God continues giving me an alternate and an alternate

Do you realize what its get a kick out of the chance to dip

An Oreo treat into an ice-cool glass of 2 % milk

It’s more consoling than mulling over a quilt with silk honey bun cake

Much the same as a bloom without downpour will shrivel

On the other hand a sword without its grip

You can’t consume a nectar bun without a tall glass of milk

Envision consuming something cream-filled

Pursuing it down with milk, chilled honey bun cake

That last warm group, man, I recently executed

Be that as it may the following morning my cerebrum insensible, still

Need to shroud my face, secured in Clears

All in light of the fact that I have no will

Don’t Dr. Phil make a pill honey bun cake

My cholesterol must be over the knoll

Furthermore its making me sick

My self control is nil

Furthermore my teeth, my barbecue

I require a dental specialist to fill my openings with steel

This compulsion is so monstrous, straightforward honey bun cake

I might as well have outgrown this compulsion quite a while prior

Yet I didn’t however

Through the downpour, hail, snow

Sugar, my pill of solace in spite of the fact that I know

It’s my sin that keeps me thumping at paradise’s entryway

Begging, yelling, no more, no more

On my knees or inclined, on the floor honey bun cake

If you don’t mind God, I condemn

Hear me, kindly don’t overlook

Gave me a chance to live to see three-score honey bun cake.