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Cervical Cancer Symptoms

cervical cancer symptoms: Well, the symptoms of this disease are usually no visible symptoms and can occur even if you have cancer. You should be careful enough for signs of cervical cancer and its symptoms. However, there are some cases , unfortunately , the symptoms of cervical cancer are not sufficiently visible until the cancer is in its advanced stage because the cancer early cervix usually do not give a symptom of the same cervical cancer symptoms. This is why it is good for testing, because it is very important. These are the following signs and symptoms the most advanced cervical cancer: cervical cancer symptoms

Abnormal bleeding : experience abnormal vaginal bleeding where there is a light or heavy bleeding during the menstrual period. Furthermore, after sex, there is an event of abnormal bleeding cervical cancer symptoms. There may also be new bleeding , even if a woman had stopped having periods (menopause ) .

Pelvic pain : Pelvic pain that is not connected to the menstrual cycle. These may be suffering from dull ache to a pain that is so strong that it will last a couple of hours . This cervical symptom may be mild or severe cervical cancer symptoms.

Painful urination : Bladder pain or pain during urination can be a symptom of advanced cervical cancer. This is usually the appearance of cancer because it had spread to the bladder cervical cancer symptoms. It is blocking the kidney or ureter causing problems in using the toilet. You may notice that there is a problem you fecal vagina. These are due to abnormal bleeding occurs to the rectum , vagina or bladder.

Bleeding between regular menstrual periods , after sexual intercourse , douching, or pelvic exam : During these activities , bleeding from the vagina. This is because the neck is irritated cervical cancer symptoms. There are many situations that may occur as bleeding after sex, but a neck that is healthy only had a small amount of bleeding. If bleeding can be a symptom of cervical cancer .

Unusual heavy discharge : increased vaginal discharge can cause a symptom of cervical cancer . This may have mucus is so thick , sticky , watery, and have a very unpleasant smell that can be found in the vagina cervical cancer symptoms.

The symptoms of cancer have common symptoms such as abnormal bleeding. Realizing bleeding in the odd moment of your period or whatever contact with the cervix bleed the possibility of cervical cancer cervical cancer symptoms.

Other symptoms of cervical cancer include changes in your menstrual cycle cervical cancer symptoms. Having too heavy or exceptionally light bleeding in his spare time during your cycle can all be symptoms of cervical cancer . These are the symptoms that you have cervical cancer and most women who have undergone weight loss causes symptoms . These symptoms of cancer is one of the main signs of being fatal disease that is very risky cervical cancer symptoms.